Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wrapping Up Summer 2009


The meeting for the trip to Patricia’s Cabin and Rocky Mountain National Park is scheduled for September 12. We will meet at 7 am at the Village Inn at Southlands Mall. A generic set of directions would be to head toward Smoky Hill and E-470. Southlands Mall is near that intersection.
We will discuss car pooling, menu, and days and time to leave. Patricia’s cabin has all the comforts of home, and it’s a great place to spend a few days. Think of a few of your favorite recipes that might be fun for a group of us to prep and cook together.

Survey Monkey

Okay, it’s time to tell me your thoughts and suggestions for the summer riding season. The link below will take you to a survey. Tell me everything: what you liked, what you disliked, what I need to improve on, and what was good. The survey will be open from 9/9/09 until 9/25/09.

Spin Classes

We will start spinning on November 4th. More details to follow.


Think about the events and races you did this year. Go to the organizer’s website and let them know what you liked and what changes you’d like to see for next year. I know that lack of bathrooms or portable toilets is always at the top of everyone’s list.

Side Note
Below is an opportunity to be involved in a research study about endurance athletes and metabolism.
Endurance trained athletes needed for an exercise metabolism research study

Are you a cyclist, triathlete, or runner aged 30-50 who is interested in being involved in a research project? We are looking for volunteers to participate in a metabolism study investigating how fat stored in your muscle affects insulin activity.

Athletes should be exercising at least 8-10 hours/week for the past 6 months.
Exclusions: You cannot participate if you: smoke, have hyperlipidemia, or have been told by your doctor not to exercise.
Two different preliminary assessments will measure:
Ø Body fat content
Ø Maximal exercise capacity (VO2max)
Ø Heart rhythm
Ø Resting metabolic rate
Ø Glucose tolerance
Ø Blood tests
Ø Health and physical examination performed by a physician
Volunteers will complete one metabolic study day following a 12 hour fast, where you will lie quietly for 4 hours, exercise for 1.5 hours at an easy to moderate intensity (45% of maximal capacity), and lie quietly again after exercise for 2 hours. All 3 visits will be performed at the General Clinical Research Center. Diet will be controlled for 3 days before each study day.
For the metabolic study day, the following will occur:
Ø Infusion of naturally occurring tracer of carbohydrate and fat through an intravenous catheter
Ø Blood sampling from a catheter placed in a hand vein
Ø 3 muscle biopsies
Ø 1.5 hours of exercise at 45% of maximal capacity
Compensation will be provided.
P.I. Dr. Bryan Bergman, COMIRB # 03-398, approved 04/09/09
Please call Devon at 303-724-3968 for more information about this study.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Summer Ride


Our adventure to REI was great. We worked on drafting and speed on the way down and climbing and endurance on the way back. I'll be that is further than some of you have gone before at those speeds. See what happens with positive peer challenge your self to improve your skills. There will be a bigger challenge this week.

Venus de Miles was great!!! We looked so good in our jerseys. I want to thank all of you who participated in the ride. I had a great time riding with all of you and want to let you know that I have enjoyed riding with you all summer long as well. I have attached a few photos. I would like to compile everyone's pictures if possible to share.

Our Last Ride for Summer 09

The second challenge will be to go the long way around Cherry Creek State Park. It is similar to what we did last week, but instead of exiting the park at the Parker side, we will turn around and go back the way we came. This is the more challenging of the two rides. The distance is between 20 and 25 miles. There are gentle hills and a few short steeper ones too. This will again be a no drop ride. We will meet at the store at 6 pm on the 2nd of September and leave by 6:10 pm. Let’s finish out our summer season by seeing how far we’ve come and how much each of us has grown this summer.

I will bring my laptop so that I can get a copy of all the pictures to compile and share with the group. Please bring any that you would like to share.

RMNP Weekend

Put September 19 and 20th on your social calendar for this summer’s last outdoor event. We are invited to Patricia’s cabin in Grand Lake and will ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. We will have an organizational breakfast meeting to figure out the details on September 12th at 7 am. We will meet and discuss the details over breakfast at the Village Inn at Southlands Mall. Please plan to be there if you would like to participate.

Now is the time to enjoy riding, leave the "training" mind set behind. We'll pick it up in November when spin classes start. Enjoy the cool fall weather, enjoy the scenery, and remember why you love to ride.