Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's how the next few weeks look

Okay, just a quick update on the schedule for the next few classes:

Feb 25th
There will be class. Kyle will put in the sprinting video for you.

March 1st
I will be teaching a class where we will get a chance to practice many of the skills we have been working on: cadence, spin ups, climbing, sprints, etc.

March 4th
There will not be class due to preparing for the sale.

March 8th
There will not be class. I will be working the sale.

March 10th
The schedule should resume to normal. I've got a great boot camp workout that I have been saving for you.

I highly encourage all of you to try to get a ride in outside to enjoy these nice few days we are having. You will be able to feel like you've gained bike skills and fitness after all winter on the trainer. If you do go out, let me know how you're feeling and what areas you want to work on more.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boot Camp, Yoga, Deals on Wheels

I am so proud of everyone in this group; you are all getting so fit and your form on the bike looks better every class. The turnouts have been great for the classes and clinics. On Sunday, the class had 20 women and the Zoot Clinic had 10 women. We even enjoyed chunks of dark chocolate at our Healthy Snack Potluck.

Feb. 18 Wednesday 5:30 pm

Feb. 22 Sunday 11:15 am

This week is Boot Camp. I will mix in 5 strength exercises to give you ideas of what to include in your weight training sessions. A few of the suggested exercises were lunges, planks, Burpees (sp?), and supermans. While we are on the bike, we will do some jumps, intervals and practice riding out of the saddle. On Sunday after spin class, we can try another session of yoga. This session is about an hour long.

We, here at the store, are getting ready for our big Deals on Wheels sale March 7th and 8th. I hope all of you signed up for our preferred customer program (wink, wink). There are some good coupons that only preferred customers can get (wink, wink). The point of my story is that there will be a few dates that we will not have spin class. I am hoping these will be the only dates where things are different. Check your email for updates as the dates get closer. See the list below: February 25th: I will be working to get ready for our big sale. Kyle, one of our assistant managers, will be here to put in a video for you. I have four tapes to choose from: climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and one more that escapes my memory at the moment. March 4th and March 8th: This is the week of our sale and there will not bespin classes on these dates.

I will be putting together a survey on SurveyMonkey to ask for your feedback. I enjoy doing this but I want to continue learning how to make it better. Be on the look out for that near the end of our indoor spin classes. Thanks Janeen for the great resource!!

Speaking of our last spin class together, Pat Mayben (our events guy) and I are going to put together a day filled with spinning and chances to win great prizes. It will probably go something like this: on April 5th we will have access to the spin room from 11 am to 5 pm when the store closes. For every 15 minutes you ride, you earn one ticket to be put into a bucket when we give away those great prizes. Watch out for Alison; she is already gearing up for this event, I think she plans to ride from the minute the store opens until the managers lock the doors behind her. More details to come.

Enjoy your week!!


Preferred Customer Link: http://bicyclevillage.com/ the click on the link with the picture of the Fun Guy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Post by Joe Friel

Friel is one of my favorite resources for multisport athletes. One of his latest posts talks about Basic Training Assumptions.

The web address is http://www2.trainingbible.com/joesblog/blog.html

There is so much great information here and its written so that anyone can read it and take away knowledge they can integrate into their own training.



Graphs, charts, wetsuits, and shoes

I am so happy that you learned so much during the fit clinic. Jerry and Michael have a wealth of knowledge to share with us, and they will gladly chat with you. And the spin classes were great too. The Wednesday group enjoyed a round of Knock-Knock Jokes, but the Sunday group made enough noise so that I had to stop telling jokes.

We have another LT Test coming up this week. I have the system set up to print out a report of your tests if you use our heart rate straps. This is a great way to measure your progress every 4th week when we do this drill. However, if you are not feeling it when you get to class I have an alternative workout that is geared toward continuing to build up your base.

For our last clinic, Holle from Zoot will come to give us an education about wetsuits and running shoes. She will be here Sunday (Feb. 15th) at 12:30 pm. I know many of you are tri -or duathletes, so we are branching out a little from bike gear. Please RSVP by Friday at 5pm for this clinic. I would like to give the Healthy Snack Potluck another try. You did so well at the last one, that I am excited to see what great snacks we bring this time.

I will be sending you a survey to get your feedback about spin classes, clinics, and other activities. I want to make it better for this summer and next year. I will take any feed back you offer, good or bad.

Ritz has asked me to distribute a flyer for a program that takes donations of prom dresses to sell to young girls who may not have the financial resources to buy a dress to attend their prom. Check your closets and see if you have anything they could use. The flier is attached and the same information is on our blog.

Don't forget to get a copy of The Keeper. It has many of the events that will take place here this summer. If you're still deciding on what ride, event, or race to do, this resource is a must have.



Monday, February 9, 2009

Dressed to the Nines

Hi Andrea
Could you forward to the ladies ride members?

Hallo, Ladies! This is Ritz. One of my friends Lisa (she is a pediatric doctor of the children's hospital) is planning to have a cool event for children with life threatening illness. Please see below. I am planning to help the event day (even if I am not a fashion queen!). If you are interested in joining the event, please contact to Lisa.
Lisa Reaves lisa.reaves@gmail.com

Thank you!

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, March 14, 2009 in collaboration with Dependable Cleaners, we will be hosting Dressed to the Nines in Denver, a community service event to provide prom dresses for the young women of the Denver area. Dresses will be sold for a nominal fee with proceeds benefiting Rick Wilson Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at The Children's Hospital

We invite you to share in this event by donating any formal wear and/or accessories that would help to make a less fortunate young woman's prom night special. Additionally, we hope to obtain dresses that have remained within fashion during the last 3-5 years.
Please note-dresses that are not sold will be donated to Round Up River Ranch, and Camp Wapiyapi, camps for children with life threatening illnesses, to be used for dress up activities.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get Fitted for Endurance

Good morning,

Thank you for the great turn out this past week. You are all already so much faster after doing all those speed drills. The Yoga DVD was a good way to sneak in stretching and flexibility after a ride. Leslie gave us some additional pointers on our poses and stretches to work on at home.

This week will be run differently than we've done before. The Fit Clinic will start at 11:15 am and end by 12:30 pm. We will do spin from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm.

There is still room to RSVP for the Fit Clinic. Just send me an email. I will take them until Friday at 4 pm.

During spin class this week, we will work out building our endurance. This is important because it helps us out on those "all day rides" we are all looking forward to this summer.

Enjoy your week!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Specialized Websites

Here are the website we tried to look at during the Specialized Clinic.