Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's how the next few weeks look

Okay, just a quick update on the schedule for the next few classes:

Feb 25th
There will be class. Kyle will put in the sprinting video for you.

March 1st
I will be teaching a class where we will get a chance to practice many of the skills we have been working on: cadence, spin ups, climbing, sprints, etc.

March 4th
There will not be class due to preparing for the sale.

March 8th
There will not be class. I will be working the sale.

March 10th
The schedule should resume to normal. I've got a great boot camp workout that I have been saving for you.

I highly encourage all of you to try to get a ride in outside to enjoy these nice few days we are having. You will be able to feel like you've gained bike skills and fitness after all winter on the trainer. If you do go out, let me know how you're feeling and what areas you want to work on more.



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