Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wrapping Up Summer 2009


The meeting for the trip to Patricia’s Cabin and Rocky Mountain National Park is scheduled for September 12. We will meet at 7 am at the Village Inn at Southlands Mall. A generic set of directions would be to head toward Smoky Hill and E-470. Southlands Mall is near that intersection.
We will discuss car pooling, menu, and days and time to leave. Patricia’s cabin has all the comforts of home, and it’s a great place to spend a few days. Think of a few of your favorite recipes that might be fun for a group of us to prep and cook together.

Survey Monkey

Okay, it’s time to tell me your thoughts and suggestions for the summer riding season. The link below will take you to a survey. Tell me everything: what you liked, what you disliked, what I need to improve on, and what was good. The survey will be open from 9/9/09 until 9/25/09.

Spin Classes

We will start spinning on November 4th. More details to follow.


Think about the events and races you did this year. Go to the organizer’s website and let them know what you liked and what changes you’d like to see for next year. I know that lack of bathrooms or portable toilets is always at the top of everyone’s list.

Side Note
Below is an opportunity to be involved in a research study about endurance athletes and metabolism.
Endurance trained athletes needed for an exercise metabolism research study

Are you a cyclist, triathlete, or runner aged 30-50 who is interested in being involved in a research project? We are looking for volunteers to participate in a metabolism study investigating how fat stored in your muscle affects insulin activity.

Athletes should be exercising at least 8-10 hours/week for the past 6 months.
Exclusions: You cannot participate if you: smoke, have hyperlipidemia, or have been told by your doctor not to exercise.
Two different preliminary assessments will measure:
Ø Body fat content
Ø Maximal exercise capacity (VO2max)
Ø Heart rhythm
Ø Resting metabolic rate
Ø Glucose tolerance
Ø Blood tests
Ø Health and physical examination performed by a physician
Volunteers will complete one metabolic study day following a 12 hour fast, where you will lie quietly for 4 hours, exercise for 1.5 hours at an easy to moderate intensity (45% of maximal capacity), and lie quietly again after exercise for 2 hours. All 3 visits will be performed at the General Clinical Research Center. Diet will be controlled for 3 days before each study day.
For the metabolic study day, the following will occur:
Ø Infusion of naturally occurring tracer of carbohydrate and fat through an intravenous catheter
Ø Blood sampling from a catheter placed in a hand vein
Ø 3 muscle biopsies
Ø 1.5 hours of exercise at 45% of maximal capacity
Compensation will be provided.
P.I. Dr. Bryan Bergman, COMIRB # 03-398, approved 04/09/09
Please call Devon at 303-724-3968 for more information about this study.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Summer Ride


Our adventure to REI was great. We worked on drafting and speed on the way down and climbing and endurance on the way back. I'll be that is further than some of you have gone before at those speeds. See what happens with positive peer challenge your self to improve your skills. There will be a bigger challenge this week.

Venus de Miles was great!!! We looked so good in our jerseys. I want to thank all of you who participated in the ride. I had a great time riding with all of you and want to let you know that I have enjoyed riding with you all summer long as well. I have attached a few photos. I would like to compile everyone's pictures if possible to share.

Our Last Ride for Summer 09

The second challenge will be to go the long way around Cherry Creek State Park. It is similar to what we did last week, but instead of exiting the park at the Parker side, we will turn around and go back the way we came. This is the more challenging of the two rides. The distance is between 20 and 25 miles. There are gentle hills and a few short steeper ones too. This will again be a no drop ride. We will meet at the store at 6 pm on the 2nd of September and leave by 6:10 pm. Let’s finish out our summer season by seeing how far we’ve come and how much each of us has grown this summer.

I will bring my laptop so that I can get a copy of all the pictures to compile and share with the group. Please bring any that you would like to share.

RMNP Weekend

Put September 19 and 20th on your social calendar for this summer’s last outdoor event. We are invited to Patricia’s cabin in Grand Lake and will ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. We will have an organizational breakfast meeting to figure out the details on September 12th at 7 am. We will meet and discuss the details over breakfast at the Village Inn at Southlands Mall. Please plan to be there if you would like to participate.

Now is the time to enjoy riding, leave the "training" mind set behind. We'll pick it up in November when spin classes start. Enjoy the cool fall weather, enjoy the scenery, and remember why you love to ride.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for Venus

Wednesday night most of us ended up a little dirty and greasy after the hands on clean your bike clinic. We revisited the drive train cleaning lesson from last week too. I think we turned a few heads on the trail with that many clean bikes. The ride through Cherry Creek State Park was so beautiful except for the bugs. We thanked Cheryl for sharing her bug spray.
On Sunday, Dawn, Deb, Robyn S. and I rode 41 miles as our last longer ride before Venus. We made good time down and on the way back. The heat pushed us to keep moving and we finished feeling great about this ride and the upcoming challenge of Venus. Thanks for the great ride!

This Week
For the last two sessions of the beginner’s summer season, we will skip the clinic and opt for longer rides. I would like to challenge you in two ways. The first would be to see if we can get all the way to REI on the bike path. We will meet at the store at 6 pm this Wednesday the 26th and take off at 6:10 pm. This is a pretty flat ride but can be a little sneaky. On the way out, it’s got enough downhill to make you think it’s really easy but then you turn around and realize there is a small, steady climb all the way back to the store. I would encourage you to try this. We’ll have more time and this is the easier ride of the two challenges. The total mileage will be between 15 and 20. Don’t worry if you’ve never gone that far before because it’s still a no drop ride.
The second challenge will be to go the long way around Cherry Creek State Park. It is similar to what we did last week, but instead of exiting the park at the Parker side, we will turn around and go back the way we came. This is the more challenging of the two rides. The distance is between 20 and 25 miles. There are gentle hills and a few short steeper ones too. This will again be a no drop ride. We will meet at the store at 6 pm on the 2nd of September and leave by 6:10 pm. Let’s finish out our summer season by seeing how far we’ve come and how much each of us has grown this summer.
Sunday August 30 is the grand finale for the Intermediate/Advanced group. We will be in our custom jerseys ready to ride Venus de Miles with clean bikes. I can’t imagine a better way to end the summer.

Jersey Update
Dawn has a call in to the printer to see when they will be done. When we find out, I will send out a plan to get them returned to you by Saturday morning.
The Day of Venus
Let’s meet at Vic’s Coffee Shop at 6:30 am, and then we can walk to the park and find a nice place for a few group and individual photos. I plan to start as early as possible to give myself enough time to do and enjoy the ride. I can’t wait to see us all dressed up and together at this event!!

RMNP Weekend
Put September 19 and 20th on your social calendar for this summer’s last outdoor event. We are invited to Patricia’s cabin in Grand Lake and will ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. We will have an organizational breakfast meeting to figure out the details on September 12th at 7 am. We will meet and discuss the details over breakfast at the Village Inn at Southlands Mall. Please plan to be there if you would like to participate.
Getting ready for an event or a race is just as important as all the training for the event. Here are a few simple check lists for your bike and yourself to think about this week.

Bike and Gear
Check the condition of your tires and brake pads
Check the contents of your flat repair kit
Clean and lube your drive train
Check that the screws holding your cleats in place are snug
Make sure your outfit is clean and will hold all you need/want to carry
Stock up on your favorite energy foods and drinks or find out if you can use just the food and drinks from the rest stops

Your Person
Don’t stop training
Do a few easy rides to keep your legs loose and mobile, walking and swimming are two other good ways to do this
Don’t change anything about your diet the week prior to the ride
Get a good night’s sleep two nights before the event, because you will be excited and nervous the night before and probably won’t get the best sleep
Plan out when you’ll wake up, leave the house, eat breakfast (at least 2 hours prior to starting), where you’ll park, and what time you’ll take off
Set all your gear out in the garage, the living room or another part of the house so that you can see it all in one place

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Venus is getting closer


Last Wednesday night Robin Ketchem won the drive train clean while I demonstrated how to properly clean and lube a drive train. We rode toward REI again and appreciated the cool breeze and the shade of the big trees long the path. The total mileage for the trip was 15; that the farthest this group has went this year. Great job!!

This Week
On Wednesday we will continue with the theme of cleaning and I will give away a free frame cleaning during the clinic. Please bring your bike into the store. We will start promptly at 6 pm and try to be out riding by 6:30 pm. I would like to do some hills this week. Let’s see if we can manage the short loop through Cherry Creek State Park. I think this will end up between 12 and 15 miles. Be ready for the climb up the dam road and the 2 short hills before leaving the park.
For the Sunday ride, I’d like to give you one more chance at hills before Venus de Miles. We will meet at Challenger Park in Parker at 7:30 am and leave from the parking lot of the Rec. Center at 8 am. This is a long ride. The total distance will be about 50 miles. It’s a tricky ride!!! Getting to Chatfield seems all too easy, but you realize that once you turn around its a climb nearly all the way home. Remember to have enough food with you. Eating regularly is one of the best ways to prevent a bonk. As always, call if you get lost or need directions. 303-903-3473.

Challenger Park
17301 E Lincoln Ave
Parker, CO 80134

Its nearly time for Venus. Take some time this week to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and read through the entire event packet. There are many good tips, suggestions, and guidelines for you to better plan your arrival, parking, and take off times. It’s a great read and I won’t soil the ending. I have attached the information that Venus has posted on their website. Enjoy!!

Jersey Updates
They are at the printer. Bethany, Dawn, or I will take a picture and email it out when we see the finished product. We will workout the details of returns when we have a definite date to get them back. The price turned out to be $20 each person for the graphic design fee and the screen printing fee. If you under or over paid, I will settle up with you when we give them back to you.

RMNP Weekend
We tried to cook up a girls only weekend earlier in the summer but the road into the park was under construction. Patricia says the new road, “is like butter.” We are attempting to put together a bike weekend at Patricia’s cabin in Grand Lake. It will consist of riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, with the option to stay overnight at the cabin. Which is where Austin and I spent our second wedding anniversary. This is the nicest, most welcoming cabin I’ve every seen. It’s got a beautiful deck and all the comforts of home. I will send out more details as I get them; we were thinking mid to late September.

Side Notes
Congratulations to our Rattlesnake Triathletes!!! Jackie and Kelly both did great at the sprint distance. Way to go Ladies!!

Good luck our Tour de Cure ride, Bethany has been training hard and fundraising hard so that she can have a great ride this Saturday.

If you are up for a double feature riding weekend, I am taking the Aurora Store’s group ride on our Aurora Res. Route. Any one wishing to join us is welcome. We will meet at the store at 9 am and leave at 9:30 am. Email or call me with any questions about this ride; it is the intermediate/advanced level ride and we will end up at around 50 miles. Let’s make it a century weekend!!

For the runners out there

Janeen asked me to post this:


I work for the American Cancer Society and they are a partner with the Denver Marathon this year. You can either do the full marathon, half, or as a relay. Should be a great time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Flat Tire Change Clinic


On Wednesday night the rain prevented us from riding but we made great use of the time. We did a worksheet designed to calculate how many grams of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates each individual should to eat in one day, looked at a sample menu, and got a few new recipes to try out. A few of the women who raced Tri for the Cure had a bunch of great questions about preparing for their tri.

Barbara, Robin, and I rode 40 miles on Sunday. We started at Challenger Park and went west on the 470 trail. We warmed up for cyclocross season a little because a giant tree had fallen in the middle of the trail near Chatfield. We got off our bikes and carried them around the debris. It was too hot to risk getting a flat tire. We climbed the hill to get to the top of the overlook and enjoyed the view of the boats before turning around. No matter how ready I think I am for that long, steady climb home, it manages to remind me just how important all those climbing drills are during spin classes.

As a side note, I rode with the Bicycle Village Aurora’s group ride. There were about 20 riders. We split up into two groups, both of which are no drop, and rode to Cherry Creek State Park. From here, I went with the faster group. We rode south to Parker and rode Inspiration Drive; there are three good hills out that direction. It’s a good way to get some climbing practice in before Venus de Miles.

This Week

We will revisit the how to change a tire clinic. This is something that takes practice and lots of it to get comfortable doing it. Think of where you get stuck or what part of the process that you want me to demonstrate in more detail. We will start at 6 pm and go riding at 6:30 pm. Whoever shows up will get to vote on which ride we take. All routes will be between 6-10 miles and are a no rider let behind ride.

Sunday we will keep our ride close to the store. We will meet at the store at 7:30 am and leave at 8 am. We will ride down to REI and back to the store before the path gets crowded. Then we can add on the long loop around Cherry Creek State Park. This is an easier ride. Not as many hills as we’ve been doing the rest of the summer. We’ll save our climbing legs for Venus.

2009 BVWO! Jersey Update

There are 18 women who bought jerseys and Bethany is working on getting the design and pricing set up. Below are the instructions. I will email you the amount of the check when she gets the numbers worked out.

Getting your jersey to the printer, your options are to bring it to a group ride and give it to myself, Bethany, or Dawn with your check to cover the printing cost. You must do this by August 12th.

Below are your drop off Options:

Bethany at Chase

14601 E. Colfax Avneue

Aurora, CO 80111

303-344-0292 work


Dawn at Affinity

64 Inverness Dr East

Englewood, CO 80102

303-728-7480 work direct line


Wednesday Group Ride August 12th

Sunday Group Rides

Andrea's Cell Phone



Venus Prep

I hope all of you have chosen a distance that you want to ride for the Venus de Miles. Your options are 30, 50, or 65. You should ride which ever distance you plan on doing the day of the event at least once before the actual ride. Concentrate on eating and hydrating regularly so that you will have an enjoyable ride. Remember, they do not time you, and no one wins first place. You should enjoy the ride and the rest stops. I talked to the women running the Venus booth at the Tri for the Cure Expo on Saturday and they said that the 30 was a nice scenic ride, while the other two have a few good hills. So be ready, cause we will look great in our team jerseys!!

I will post another sample menu on the blog. See the link below.

Week 1 Sample Menu

What Serving Size Calories
Ground Turkey Breast 4 oz 120
Kashi Waffles 2 Waffles 170
Coffee 4 cups 6
Creamer 4T 60
Celery 100 g 16
Peanut Butter 25 g 200
Raisins 20 g 80
Chicken Tenders 2 pieces 100
Whole Wheat Pita Bread 1 160
Brussel Sprouts Steamed Single Serving Packets 1 pk 50
Apple 1 meduim 95
Tricuit Crackers 32 g 120
Blueberries 148 g 84
Frozen Spinach 166 g 60
Texturized Vegetable Protein 24 g 80
Low Soduim Chicken Stock 1/2 cup 8
Cheese 14 g 45
Archer Farms Vodak Sauce 122 g 120
Crutons 14 g 40
Health Choice Fudge Bar 1 100

Total Day's Calories 1714

Friday, July 31, 2009

Nutrition Discussion

We had a great time even though the weather was a little dreary on Wednesday. We calculated our daily needs for fat, carbs, and proteins, and shared secrets on meal planning, self control around sweets, and improve our knowledge on shopping and reading nutrition labels.

I handed out a sample of what I eat for the week and I will try to post it on here every week to give you ideas about variety, planning, shopping and cooking.

Feel free to post your favorite tips and secrets too!!

Homemade Turkey Sausage
1 package ground turkey breast
1/2 package frozen onions
3 ribs celery chopped finely
1 piece of toast chopped into small pieces
Mrs. Dash

Mix all ingredients with hands in a large bowl
Portion out into 6 equal sized patties
Fry or grill the patties
Place each one in a sandwich bag

Black Bean Hummus
1 can black beans without salt drained
1/2 t minced garlic
2 T vegetable oil
1/3 cup prepared salsa (whatever you have in the fridge will work)
1/4 t salt
1T lemon or lime juice
2 T water
Cayenne Pepper

Use a food processor or blender to mix all ingredients
Enjoy with carrots, celery, or other dipable veggies

Monday, July 27, 2009

Perfect Speed


The nutrition on the bike clinic went really well. You had so many great questions and I hope the answers I gave you helped keep you eating and drinking enough on the bike. We tried out a new route and many of you enjoyed it. We left the store and rode out on Yale toward Chambers and then caught the Spillway trail, and circled back the short way and climbed that hill at Yale. We never can seem to escape that hill, but instead of it being a burden, look at it as a way to measure your progress each week. I want to you get to the point where you say, “What hill at Yale?” And with time and practice, you’ll get there.
Jackie Riley, Michelle Gilliam, and I raced the My Way or The Tri Way in the traditional swim-bike-run order. Dawn Jenkins came to cheer us on and take pictures as proof that we all started. The proof that we all finished should be posted on the My Way or the Tri Way’s website by the end of the week. Great job Jackie and Michelle and thanks to Dawn for coming out and cheering!!!

Jersey Price Update
I left out the fee for the graphic designer. It is $5 per person. So the cost breakdown looks like this: Jersey $45 plus tax, Graphic Designer fee $5 plus tax, and Printing fee $10 plus tax, for a total of $60 plus tax. That is a great deal for semi-custom!!

This Week
For Wednesday, I would like to continue our focus on nutrition and talk about nutrition off the bike. You have homework for this clinic. You will need to know your weight and estimate number of calories you eat each day. What I am planning is to put that information into a spreadsheet that will give you a range of how many grams of fats, proteins, and carbs you need to eat each day. I am working off of the daily recommended intake guidelines. You will leave the clinic with three helpful pieces of paper: one will be your personal macro nutrient (fats, proteins, carbs) recommended daily intake, one will be a sample menu for one day, and those recipes to try at home. Same time and place as always: Aurora Bicycle Village, clinic is 6-6:30pm and ride leaves after that. This would be a good time to order your jersey!!

This all might seem a little overwhelming but my goal is to get you to think about what kinds of fuel you are putting in your body. Good fuel equals good energy. I judge my success by when I hear you talking about how you thought of me while you were at the grocery store, reading labels on foods you eat every day.

For Sunday, let’s try the c470 route again. Many of you learned from our first trip down that trail, that it’s easier to go toward Chatfield than it is to get home. We will meet at Challenger Park in Parker at 7:30 am and leave at 8 am; the ride will be between 40-50 miles. Bring your climbing attitude and as you drive near Cherry Creek State Park, remember to cheer for all of our athletes who are doing Tri for the Cure that day. Good Luck Ladies!!!

Challenger Park
17299 E Lincoln Ave
Parker, CO 80134

I hear so many female cyclists talk about how they are not very fast riders. Speed is only one of the very important skills to train. There are also endurance, strength, force, anaerobic threshold, power, and muscular endurance. All of these skills develop together. You don’t exhaust the development of a single skill and then move on to the next. They play catch up with each other. If you are lifting weights in the gym, you will notice that you feel able to ride longer distances and your muscles don’t get as tired as quickly. This will play a role in developing both speed and power.
I’ve been rereading Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull on my lunch breaks. There are two parts I would like to share with you about how Jonathan learns to understand perfect speed.

“The speed was power, and the speed was joy, and the speed was pure beauty.” Jonathan focused on getting faster each time he went out to fly. His speeds grew and grew until they couldn’t grow any more. Then his teacher told him, “You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn’t flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn’t have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there.”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Heather with Dip and Dash

Andrea, remind the ladies that there are still three Dip & Dash events left and they can practice before My Way, Tri 4 The Cure and Rattlesnake. If they mention Bicycle Village at registration they can participate for only $20.

Events and Races are getting nearer

Our second brick workout went really well. We split up into three groups and did a longer ride and longer run. All you multisport athletes are getting so much stronger in both cycling and running. You’ll have a great race but more importantly you’ll have a great time doing the race. Thank you to all my non-runners who lead our three groups.

I went and rode with the group from Colorado Springs on Saturday. I wish a few of you would have joined me for this ride. They were a great group of people to ride with; this group split up into 5 smaller groups. They had some go mountain biking, a fast paced group, and the group I rode with ended up being 3 groups of about 5 or 6 people. We rode 35 miles through the Black Forrest.

The Next Few Weeks

For Wednesday, we will talk about nutrition on the bike. This is an important subject because all of us have bonked at one time or another. Lets get the knowledge to prevent it and feel great before, during, and after the ride no matter the distance. The clinic will start at 6 pm and the ride at 6:30 pm. I am thinking I’ll try a new route this week, so be read for a little adventure.

Okay, its getting closer to My Way or the Tri Way and the Tri for the Cure. This is what many of you have been working toward this year. If you’ve done these races before I think you will be surprised at how much you’ve grown as an athlete since last year. If its your first time, you will definitely be thankful for all the tips and training we’ve done as a group. There will not be a ride this weekend because many of us are competing or cheering for someone at the My Way or the Tri Way. During this week is a good time to set up your transition area in your living room and practice going through each transition. It’s a good way to keep all your gear in one place too. I am planning on riding the course on Tuesday and Thursday and the doing a short run on the course afterward as my last minute prep work. Take some time to check out your bike or bring it to the shop for your Free BV Adjustments. I was in yesterday and Jason Patterson did a great job helping me make sure my bike was race ready.

The following weekend is the Tri for the Cure race. I know many of you have been training and raising money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This is a great race with lots of energy and excitement. You will have a great time. I would suggest that you go through the same pre-race preparations as I’ve suggested above to help yourself be ready for the big day. Remember, there are those two short, steep hills that come up about ½ ways through the course so have your plan of attack ready to execute.

For those of us who are not doing the race, there will be a ride on Sunday August 2nd. We will meet at Challenger Park in Parker at 7:30 am and leave at 8 am. We will ride about 40-50 miles along the C470 path toward Chatfield. This is mostly on the bike path and there are many rolling hills. I will try to plan out a route that will take us about 65 miles one of these Sundays before Venus de Miles. I know many of you are planning on doing the 65 mile ride, so its good practice to do that distance at least once before the event.
Challenger Park
17299 E Lincoln Ave
Parker, CO 80134

Side Note
I need your opinions. When I put out this summer’s schedule, I left room for change. That means I want your feedback and suggestions, good and bad. The room for change is if we find that something doesn’t work for the group. If you want to change the Intermediate/Advanced group back to always riding on Sundays and leaving from the store, you just need to let me know. We can change it.

This is your group. Your feedback is very important to how I plan things out. I want to plan and organize rides and clinics that you want to do. So, volunteer to lead us on a ride, suggest a new route, or tell me that something doesn’t work. I want to work for you.

Its has arrived and its time to think about your upcoming bike or tri event. The week before is a good time to get things in order. Here are a few items to think about for each event.

Bike event
Check shifting, braking, and tires
Check your seat bag and make sure it has all the necessary items
Put out all your gear in an area of your house where you have room to work and see everything together
Find out when and where you can pick up your packet; avoid picking up the day of so that you have one less thing to worry about
Map out directions from your house to the location of the event
Plan out your day so that you arrive well before the start time
Put our nutrition and water bottles with your gear

Tri event
Put out all your gear in an area of your house where you have room to work and see everything together
Find out when and where you can pick up your packet; avoid picking up the day of so that you have one less thing to worry about
Map out directions from your house to the location of the event
Plan out your day so that you arrive well before the start time
Put our nutrition and water bottles with your gear

Wash you goggles with dish soap to ensure a better seal and rinse them very well

Check shifting, braking, and tires
Check your seat bag and make sure it has all the necessary items
If you’ve decided to use quick laces, make sure they are not too tight

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tougher Bricks and a Field Trip


Wednesday’s group had a great discussion about their favorite bike accessories. We did a how to fit your helmet demonstration, and talked about safety on and off the bike. Becky told us that she carries a lipstick taser. Just our luck, that we meet a few people along the bike path that we might have considered possible threats to us especially if we were riding alone. Its worth researching for safety’s sake. We did hill repeats. This is a tough drill. Each rider did 4 repeats on the hill of their choice. That hill going back up to the store on Yale is getting easier and easier each time we ride it.

Sunday’s group rode 50 miles. We are slowing moving our distances closer to that 65-mile mark for Venus de Miles. We left the store and rode up to and around the Aurora Reservoir. There were many rolling hills. I like this ride because is a good balance between climbing and coasting down Orchard. We arrived back at the store before the clouds rolled in.

This Week

For July 15th, we will do a tougher brick workout. We will meet at the Eastridge Elementary School at 6 pm, divide into three groups, and start our longer brick workouts. As always, if you don’t want to run, you can help the group by being a ride leader. My goal is to do about 3-5 miles on the bike and .5 to 1 mile run at least twice. Depending on who shows up, your opinion will help me decide how tough to make the workout. If you want to do an easier brick or if this is your first time, I can accommodate your needs too. This is a great time to share your tri/du experiences with others. I like to tell you the funny things that I’ve done wrong so you don’t have to endure the embarrassment.

Eastridge Elementary School
11777 E Wesley Ave
Aurora, CO 80014

Andrea’s Cell Phone 303-903-3473

For July 18th, our Intermediate/Advanced group will be guests of the Bicycle Village Colorado Springs Store’s group ride. Let’s plan to meet at the store at 9 am and be ready to join their group at 9:30 am. Please try to carpool if you can. (I will be a better example for this request when I get my roof rack installed).

Bicycle Village Colorado Springs
2450 Montebello Square Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Ph: 719-265-9346


This week I want you to try setting a goal for yourself before you start your ride. It doesn’t have to be accomplishing anything great but it should be something that challenges you at least a little. Some good examples would be:

To climb that hill at Yale better than I did the last time

To ride a mile or two farther than last week’s ride

To engage and use my core strength for better posture on the bike

To enjoy the ride no matter what else is going on in my life

When you start your week, one question you should ask yourself is “What is the goal of this week’s workouts?”. You should be able to note it on paper or record it electronically. Journaling your workouts will show you how much you’ve grown as a cyclist.



Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Back

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for all the emails that you sent me. It made things a little easier knowing that I had so many people supporting me and my family. Thank you!!

Okay, back to biking...

We will do a clinic on Wednesday night about Bike Jargon on July 1st. I am hoping this will help you to better understand bike lingo and be more confident when talking to bike people about bike stuff. Its a valuable tool especially when you are telling your bike mechanic what strange noises or problems your bike is having. If the afternoon thunder storms roll in, I can spend some time demonstrating how to clean your bike (this is the topic we skipped from last week). Then weather depending, we will go on the Highline Canal Trail. It will be the same route we did at the start of the summer (about 6-10 miles).

Our Intermediate/Advanced group will be guests of the Bicycle Village Boulder store on Saturday July 4th. We will meet at their store at 9 am and leave with their group at 9:30 am. The link below is a Google map of where the Boulder store is located. Please be there early enough to get signed in with both groups and have your bike ready to ride. I have a feeling we might be doing more hills, so be ready with a good night's rest and plenty of fuel. If you can, try to get one or two people to carpool with you. We can decide to continue our outing by going out to lunch or for an ice tea or lemonade afterward. 2100 28th StreetBoulder, CO 80301 (303) 440-8525

I have a Coffee Ride scheduled for July 5th. This is a recovery ride where we take it easy and focus on getting to know each other while recovering from the ride on Saturday. On Sunday morning, I would like to meet at 7:30 am and leave from the parking lot of the Aurora Bicycle Village at 8 am. The weather will be hot so we want to be done in time for a nice dip in the pool. Whoever shows up, gets to choose between REI and Cherry Creek State Park for our route. There are coffee stops near both of these routes. Bring cash for your favorite caffine boost.

My tip of the week is Positive Self Talk. I hear so many riders saying how they aren't very good cyclists. You'll be surprised how this will help if you self talk positively about your skills and abilities instead of bring yourself down. Yes, it will take you time to get better but enjoy the journey and remember that each step is about not only being a better cyclist, but also to learn about yourself as you embark on this amazing journey. So many good habits we learn and practice in our training translate into our family life, our careers, and our communities. So set a good example and talk up yourself and your fellow cyclists.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bricks and Hills

In Review
The weather and traffic proved to be two hurdles for this past Wednesday’s clinic and ride. It started dumping rain at 4 pm, the traffic lights were out at Parker and Yale and Havana and Yale, and I wasn’t sure what we were going to end up doing. Luckily, you had great questions about the gear and shifting clinic. So by the time we were done with the clinic, the sun was out and the rain had stopped. We went for a short ride on the hills to practice what we learned about how to better use our gears.

Yesterday morning started off foggy and cool; however by the time we got about 10 miles into the ride, we started to shed a layer or two. We rode about 38 miles along the C470 path. It’s a beautiful route that is very easy to find and stay on. We only had one detour but the scenery was worth the extra mile or two.

So this is the point where things get changed up a little. Please pay close attention to the dates and times of this week’s events.

For Wednesday June 17th , we will do our first brick workout. A brick workout is when you combine two separate disciplines, for example, swim/bike, bike/run, or swim/bike/run. We are doing the bike/run. There is little to no recovery time between the times you change disciplines. It’s a great way to get ready for your first or fiftieth triathlon.
This workout is geared toward the triathletes and duathletes in our group, but anyone is welcome to join us and do a brick or stick with a bike only workout. I will split the group up into three groups: one group will be riding, one group will be running, and one group will recover and watch our gear. We will switch so that each of you gets to enjoy this experience at least 3 or 4 times. They will be short rides and runs to get your body used to what you are asking it to do. Speaking of gear, you’ll need all your normal bike gear, running shoes, and a beach towel. We will mimic a transition area where you have to ride in, dismount, go to your towel, change gear and head out on the run as quickly as possible.
Robyn, Petra, Becky, and one more person will be our bike leaders. I and one other person will be the run leaders. I need one bike volunteer and one run volunteer to assist with this event. Please email me ASAP if you’d like to help out.
We will meet at Eastrigde Elementary school at 5:50 pm to prep for a 6:05 start time. Here is a Google Map link, the school is near the store in a residential area with parking and low traffic.

The Int/Adv group will be guests of the Littleton Bicycle Village’s Saturday morning group ride. We will meet at the Littleton store at 9 am and leave with their group at 9:30 am sharp. You might think about contacting someone in the group and arrange to carpool with them; our Facebook group would be a good way to see who might live in or near your neighborhood. I am hoping that they will take us on their Red Rocks route; I hear there is some good climbing out that direction. Does anyone else notice a theme to this year’s Int/Adv group rides??? Here is the Google link to their store.

Patricia Harris is beginning to put together a newsletter that I will be able to email out to you periodically with our weekly emails. Please feel free to email any information you want to see in the newsletter or stories about your own personal biking experience that you would like to share.

Dip and Dash
This is another great way for our multisport athletes to get some practice more brick workouts. I did one last year and it’s a well organized way to get prepped for a race or triathlon.
The 5th Annual Dip & Dash will offer men and women an opportunity to train for their upcoming events. Each event gives participants a chance to practice their open water swimming and running skills before race day. Each event consists of a 1-lap 750 meter or 2-lap 1500 meter open water swim in the Aurora Reservoir followed by a 5K out and back run along the new and improved soft dirt running path. All levels are welcome to participate! Each event will be chip timed using the AMB timing system. Results will include swim, transition, and run splits for each participant. There will be separate mass starts for men and women.
We will also be hosting four open water swim clinics with Melissa Mantak. Melissa will teach each participant about required equipment, entry & exit techniques, bilateral breathing, proper body position and sighting tips. She will focus on providing you with the skills that will help you to cross the finish line with a smile on your face. All participants will have an opportunity to practice in the open water during the clinic.
Please visit for more details and registration links.
Time: 6:30 PM
Venue: Aurora Reservoir
Address: 5800 S. Powhaton Rd. Aurora, CO 80016

In order to speed up your recovery from the longer rides we do, eat or drink a product that has sugar and carbohydrates right after you get off your bike. Examples of good products to eat are a gel, Gu, electrolyte drink (Gatorade, or Heed), Clif Shot Blocks, or Powerbar. This act will refuel your glycogen stores and have you back out on the road sooner.
Then within about 45 minutes, eat a good meal with some extra protein to speed up the recovery of your muscles. Grilled chicken sandwich with a spinach salad, lean-meat burger with coleslaw, or Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) made up in your favorite vegan or vegetarian recipe. I always find that I feel better the next day when I eat a good meal after a long, ride with lots of rolling hills.

The Bicycle Recycler
Here is a link about the charity that our spin class fees go to. Read it and pass it on to all your bike friends

Side Note
In the very near future, you will be receiving an email from me telling you that the BVWO! activities will be put on hold for a week or so. My 93-year old grandfather went into the hospital and is ready to go to heaven. I will be traveling home to Montana to be with my family. I will keep you updated via email on this situation.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Ride

I am so excited to begin our summer rides!!! The beginner group will start up June 3 (Wednesday); 6pm is our how to change a flat rear tire clinic. We will divide up the group into: I've never done this before, and I kind of get the concept but need a few tricks to make it easier. We will leave promptly at 6:30pm to ride. We are going to head out on the Highline Canal Trail. There is one major intersection to cross (Havana and Yale), but if stay together and practice good group ride etiquette, it will all be okay. I estimate we'll go out about 5 to 6 miles and then turn around and head back to the store. It'll be a flat easy ride to enjoy the evening. I ride my mountain bike for this ride and will be the caboose. Robyn will take up the lead.

The Int/Adv group will meet at 7:30 am at BV Aurora on Sunday June 7 (2802 S. Havana Street) and leave out of the parking lot at 8 am sharp. The store will not be open so please have all of those last minute adjustments done on Saturday; store hours are 9 am to 6 pm. We will head through Cherry Creek State Park, go out east on Orchard, do a pit stop at my house, go a little further east to Aurora Res, then turn around and come back. I estimate the mileage to be between 35-45 miles. Its a gently rolling hills course with even amounts of climbing and fast descending. I was out at the Aurora Res for a brick yesterday and its so green and lush. You've got to see how beautiful it is. I and nearly everyone else will be on road bikes for this ride. Our pace is 16-18 mph, so be ready push your limits just a little bit. Its still a no drop ride. I know a bunch of you will be riding at Elephant Rock. I want to wish you an enjoyable, safe ride on Sunday. I will attach the ride schedules again so that all of our new email subscribers can see what the summer holds.

I will provide you with my cell phone number as well as Robyn's. The purpose here is that if you get separated or lost on a ride you can call us to come find you. Please do not use these numbers to reach us anytime other than during group rides. You are welcome to call us at the store. We will try to do a good job of keeping the group together but its a just in case thing.
Andrea 303-903-3473
Robyn 303-520-6069
Aurora Bicycle Village 303-750-1064

If the weather looks to be disagreeable, I will send out an email letting you know I am canceling the ride. For Wednesdays, the weather cancel time will be no later than 4 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays no later than 6 am. I really encourage you to check your email before you leave the house for group rides to get the latest ride info and weather holdups.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just a few items to keep you all up dated:

The survey is closed. Thanks to those of you who gave me feedback. I am already planning for next spin season.

Bike Expo is this weekend. I am still looking for a few more volunteers for the Test Ride Tent. You have until today at 4 pm to let me know. If you can't volunteer, you can come in and check out all the great deals and visit with many of our reps and vendors.

I am still test riding a few of the routes I'd like to use for this summer. I plan to have both the Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced schedules out by May 15th. I am in the research and design stage of the BVWO! Custom Jerseys. The process will probably go as follows: Get a mock up design and price from a vendor, get our order together (you will have to try on a sample and tell me what size you want), I will place the order, and we will have our jerseys to wear for Venus de Miles. I will not be able to order any extras, if you want one you must get on the list. This is my plan. More information to follow.

-- Enjoy!!
One Woman at a Time,
One Bike at a Time,
We will Learn, Grow, and Prosper.

Friday, April 17, 2009

There's something missing on Sunday and Wednesday

I miss spin class already.

Thanks to those of you who participated in the Spin A Thon. Its was a great event. But no need to worry, I have so many fun outings planned for the summer.

I created a group on Facebook as an answer to one of our problems. I started the contact list but I was thinking that I don't always match up the right cyclist with the right name. I have been using Facebook and I think it may be the solution. Our group is called BVWO!. It will be a great way to find ride buddies, plan bike or non bike events, and keep in touch easier. I should have the pictures posted on the group's page by Wednesday for all to enjoy. They turned out great.

Let me know what you think about the Facebook page.

Enjoy this nice weather and get in some good base miles!! I am.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Grand Finale

WOW!! I can't believe this week will be our last two spin classes for this year. But don't fear. I have many great summer rides planned which start in June. But until then, spend some time on your bike outdoors and get some good base miles in before we hit it hard again.

Be on the lookout for Random Outings in April and May. Depending on the weather and my schedule, we might sneak in a few more rides together before the summer schedule officially starts. I am looking into some non-bike activities too, maybe yoga or karaoke. Any other suggestions??

I have had a request from a few members to share names, email addresses, and phone numbers. The purpose is to get a hold of each other for weekend rides or multi-sport practices. If you send me an email telling me name, phone and email, and state that you are okay with this information being shared only with other members of our group, then I will create a list. I will try to have the list put together in 2 weeks.

Wednesday is not only April Fool's Day but will be the last in our three part climbing series. I promise a tough climb for you. Class starts at 5:30 pm and the weather isn't looking good to ride outside.

Sunday is the big day of fun. I have attached a flier with all the necessary information, including a schedule of events, what to bring, and a prize list. There are only 10 spots left as of today. RSVP ASAP!!! Don't miss out on the guest speak, potluck lunch, cake, and prizes. Email me with any questions. Michelle M. and Michelle G. have already shared their yummy potluck ideas with me: turkey taco soup and PBJ Ritz sandwiches. I am dreaming up a tasty lunch dish as we speak.

I want to take a minute to say that you all have been a great group of women to get to know over the winter. I want you all back this summer and next winter. I don't think I could ask for a better group to have as friends.



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Strong Climbers with Bright Futures

I hope the drills in spin class and outside helped you see how much progress you've made. I kept hearing women on Sunday say that they never would have been able to do the 5 hill repeats this early in the season last year. See, all the drills and endurance are definitely paying off right now.

Get ready for another tough spin class this week. But remember, you're on a trainer, its your workout, so make it as challenging as is right for you on that particular day. As for Sunday, I will watch the weather and figure out a different place to ride other than Cherry Creek State Park. We will still meet at the store and leave from here at 11:15 am.

There are still 14 spots left for the Spin-A-Thon on April 5th. I will attach a list of the rules again. I have some great prizes up for grabs. For example: a 90 minute massage, bike tune ups, Bicycle Village Gift cards, and Sugoi clothing. Send me an email to RSVP.

I just created our team for Venus de Miles. I am so excited about this ride. Here are the instructions to get yourself registered:

1. go to this link

2. go to the register now link

3. sign in or use the guest access

4. choose the distance you want to ride (35, 50, or 65) as a TEAM MEMBER

5. select Bicycle Village Women Only! as your team then put in your personal information

If you have any questions, let me know. Have a great week and get signed up for Venus early.



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The mental part of climbing

Mind Over Mountain: Mental Tips for Climbing

By Josh Horowitz PezCycling News

Unlike other aspects of cycling, climbing success is considered by most to be almost 100 percent dependant on fitness and natural ability. It occurred to me, however, that there is actually much more to it. Over the years, I've picked up numerous tricks and techniques that have allowed me to occasionally put one over on a stronger competitor. At the grass roots level, it is possible to just out ride your opponents, but as you get into the higher categories and the gap in ability narrows, strategy becomes increasingly important.
Practice the following psychological tactics to conquer your next elevation test:
I am a Strong Climber and I Love to Climb!

For most riders, the climb is won or lost the moment the looming incline comes into view. I cringe when I hear riders declare "I'm not a climber" or even "I'm a sprinter." Unless you are a world-class or professional cyclist, there is just no reason to limit yourself with statements such as these.

The rider who thinks to himself that he is not a climber will never be a great climber no matter how hard they train. Mentally, they defeat themselves before they even reach the base. These negative self-beliefs are powerful and deeply ingrained into the subconscious, but they can be overcome.

Next time you have one of these thoughts, write it down and then write down a positive thought that directly counteracts the negative one. For instance if you find yourself thinking, "I hate to climb and I'm terrible at it," you may want to write, "I am a strong climber and I love to climb!" Notice that the statement is 100 percent positive. Using the word "love" in your statement has also been proven to improve the power of your mantra.
Find 20 minutes on each ride to repeat this statement or affirmation to yourself. Say it out loud and with conviction. Think of the brain as having a type of muscle memory that can be re-shaped with training and repetition. If you do this consistently, you will be amazed at the results.
Negative thinking can cause a physical reaction. Riders who get nervous whenever the road ascends tend to tense up. They waste energy by clenching their shoulders and their arms. They lose their breathing rhythm and some (as ridiculous as this might sound) unconsciously hold their breath. Another result of this physical tension is a breakdown in efficiency. Their otherwise smooth pedal stroke becomes choppy and broken. As a result, their heart rate rises much faster than a rider with a similar power-to-weight ratio and they end up going off the back.
Try these two tricks. At night, when you are relaxed and lying in bed, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself on a challenging climb. Visualize yourself feeling relaxed and pedaling smoothly. Conjure up emotions and feelings you've had while doing something cycling related where your confidence soars, such as riding in a paceline or sprinting, and translate that into this climbing scenario. See yourself spinning effortlessly and summiting in record time with very little difficulty.
Do this every night before you fall asleep. Make your visualization as realistic as possible; incorporating sights, sounds, smells and sensations. If possible, imagine a particular climb that you want to conquer. You punish yourself on the bike week after week. Why not add a few minutes of training each day which won't even require you to break a sweat?

Take the Pain
This may seem obvious, but be ready to suffer. I don't mean normal suffering--I mean be prepared to push yourself past the point of pain. Often an entire ride or race comes down to one moment on the slopes. How you respond at that moment will define you as a rider.
Depending on the situation, don't worry about conserving energy and don't look at your power meter or heart rate monitor. The heart rate and power you put out in a competitive situation will be much higher than what you can handle in training. In many situations, if you ease off on the climb, your day is over anyway, so what are you saving it for? If you are suffering, chances are so is everyone else. Holding on for that additional 10 seconds could be the difference between heartbreak and a personal best. Then, if you do get dropped, at least you'll know you gave it your all.

Don't Look Up
When you look up to see the top, you get a distorted perspective of the steepness of the climb. Instead, distort your view in the opposite direction. Look straight down at the pavement in front of you. From this angle, it will appear to your brain that you are riding on a flat road--and that's not so bad is it?

Often, I catch myself making an exaggerated pain face as if to express my suffering to the world. Instead, try a smile. The brain associates a smile with pleasure and happiness. Smiling while you are climbing can trick your brain into thinking that you are not in as much pain as you think you are.
For more climbing tips from Josh Horowitz, read 7 Tips for Climbing to the Top.

Good article on climbing

7 Tips for Climbing to the Top

At the start of a climb, good positioning among the other riders is crucial.

By Josh Horowitz PezCycling News

Unlike other aspects of cycling, climbing success is considered by most to be almost 100 percent dependent on fitness and natural ability. But in reality, climbing is a much more subtle and complicated skill that encompasses not just fitness, but strategy and psychology.
Over the years, I’ve picked up numerous tricks and techniques that have allowed me to occasionally put one over on a stronger competitor. At the grass-roots level, it is possible to just outride your opponents, but as you get into the higher categories and the gap in ability narrows, strategy becomes increasingly important.

Training Tips

1. Cadence - Due in part to the influence of Lance Armstrong, it is generally accepted that keeping a higher cadence on the climbs is more efficient and more effective than pushing a big gear at a low cadence. A low cadence emphasizes the muscular system which tires quickly and takes several days to recover. A higher cadence places emphasis on the cardio and pulmonary systems which tend to have greater endurance and faster recovery.
It is not enough to just click into your smallest gear and attempt to spin up the next climb you encounter. Your body needs time to adapt. One of the most important and effective workouts I have my riders do to improve their climbing is the high-spin interval. There are other variations of leg-speed drills--such as rev-ups--but I’ve found the no-nonsense high-spin interval to be the safest and most effective.
Here’s how you do it: Find a flat road and attempt to pedal at 120 rpm for 10 minutes. Try to do it all at once with no breaks. There should be very little resistance on the pedals. Do this once or twice per week, adding five to 10 minutes each week. Over time, build up to a full hour.
At first you will find yourself bouncing around in the saddle and you may even experience cramping and saddle irritations. However, as muscle memory develops, you will become smoother and more efficient.

2. Base Training - Contrary to popular belief, doing thousands and thousands of feet of climbing is not necessarily the best or fastest way to achieve climbing fitness. Whether you are training for a 10,000-foot death ride or a pursuit on the track, base training is where it all begins.
Aside from dreary, moderate (zone 2) riding, I also have my riders do a cycle of tempo (zone 3) intervals which include two long intervals per week ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. These are done below threshold level but help to improve endurance speed as well as threshold power to a smaller extent. Strength building is also very important in the off-season, and much of it can be done right on the bike.
After the tempo cycle, my riders do a three-week cycle of muscle-tension intervals. These are also done just below threshold level but at a very slow cadence. Throw it into your big chain ring and do 10 minutes at a time at 50 rpm. Do this two to three days per week with two to three intervals each day.

3. Threshold Training - After a strong base has been established, improving threshold power is the next step toward bringing you into climbing shape. I’ve found the most effective and efficient way to do this is with simple, 15-minute time-trial (zone 4) intervals. These should be done right at anaerobic threshold level, or the point where your lungs start to burn and your legs start to ache. They can be done in sets of two or three, three to four times per week.
Instead of seeking out the steepest climbs around, it is much better to do these on a two- to three-percent grade. You will want to spend five to six hours over the course of a three-week cycle in this zone, so if you are training on eight-percent climbs with a cadence of 70 rpm, your muscles will exhaust before the cycle is complete and you won’t be able to put out the effort needed for adaptation. By keeping the cadence above 90 you will be able to do back-to-back interval days with plenty of recovery in between.

4. Anaerobic Training - The last part that many climbers ignore is anaerobic training. Many athletes, especially touring cyclists and triathletes, ignore the need for training above threshold because their events don’t necessarily require it. By training above threshold level, not only will you improve V02 max and anaerobic endurance, you will also improve threshold power. In addition, it will prepare you to follow accelerations and adjust to grade variations.
Technique Tips

5. Positioning - Start the climb near the front. If you start near the back, not only will you have to keep the pace of the lead riders, you will have to make the additional effort of accelerating around dropped riders. A strong climber might be able to bridge one or two gaps, but if it is a long climb and a big pack, eventually they will burn their last match and go off the back, even if their power-to-weight ratio is higher than that of the leaders.
In races such as the Vuelta Sonora, I’ve had to fight for wheels at the base of the climbs, the same way sprinters do at the end of a criterium. We were smashing shoulders, pushing each other out of the way, riding each other off the road. It’s quite amusing seeing these skinny little guys, normally considered somewhat docile, getting so aggressive.

6. Pay Attention – Don’t just look at the move in front of you; try to see two or three moves ahead. Pay attention to everything. Listen to the breathing of the riders around you. Notice what gear they are in and if they discretely shift into a bigger one. Watch out for a rider who seems fresh and is looking around sizing up his competition. Look up the road for switchbacks or changes in pitch that may spark an attack. If you are not paying attention, by the time you shift, get out of the saddle and accelerate, the attacking rider may have opened up a gap that will take considerable effort to close.
If you can predict which rider is about to pounce, stay right on her wheel and then match her acceleration. In this case, all you have to do is keep his pace rather than sprint to catch up with him and then attempt to stay on his wheel. Similarly, keep your eye out for a rider who is about to be dropped. If you see her start to struggle, shift gears, or rock her body back and forth, don’t sit around waiting to see if she’ll hang on. Immediately accelerate and take the wheel she was on. Closing one bike length might not be that difficult, but if you wait till he has dropped, you might be required to close three or four.

7. Follow Through - Whatever you do, do not sit up as you crest the hill. It’s tempting to think, "Great, we made it to the top, I’m safe." I've seen riders do just that. They lose three bike lengths to the rider in front just as they begin the descent, or they get gapped by the rider in front of them and never catch back on. You’ve done the hard part. Don’t do all that work just to get dropped on the descent.

To master the psychological aspects of getting over hills, read Mind Over Mountain: Mental Tips for Climbing.

Josh Horowitz is a USCF certified coach and an active Category 1 racer. For more information about his coaching services and any coaching questions you may have, check out his website,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Downhill Side

We are nearing the end of indoor spinning for this season. Here is what the next few weeks look like:

Sundays 11:15 am
Wednesdays 5:30 pm

March 18th-Climb Higher Part I
We will be focusing on our climbing skills for the last few weeks. I noticed that this was where we all slowed down on our outdoor ride a few weeks ago. Let's be ready to attack all those hills that are coming up this summer.

March 22nd-Outside (weather permitting) This is just for you Cindy!!! If the weather is nasty we will repeat the climbing workout from Wednesday.

March 25th-Climb Higher Part 2
We will continue to practice climbing. Depending on how many people are in class, we might all be on a double riser block to simulate some steep hills. I know a few of you are getting ready for Elephant Rock. This is a very hilly course, let's make get in our practice rounds early.

March 29-Outside (weather permitting) If the weather is nasty we will repeat the climbing workout from Wednesday.

April 1st-Climb Higher Part 3
No fooling, this will be the toughest workout all year long. I wouldn't throw it your way if you couldn't handle it. You may not notice how much each of you has come this winter, but I get to see it every week. Keeping up the great work!!!

Our grand finale spin class will be held on April 5th. It's a test of your endurance, sheer will, and determination. For each 15-minute session you ride, you will earn 1 ticket into the drawing for all kinds of prizes. So bring your favorite snacks, energy drinks, and goodies in your cooler, your favorite lawn chair, and set your goal for how many tickets you want to earn. There is a flier attached with the rules (just for you Alison). You must RSVP!! I only have 25 trainers for this event. So send me your RSVP ASAP. See the flier for all the details.

I am in the second draft phase of getting things ready for the summer rides. I am so excited. Plan on mini clinics, field trips, bike-to-run transition practices, and so much more.

Feel free to write on the blog, post your favorite rides and find riding buddies.

Enjoy your week!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to Normal....Well almost

I've missed you all. The sale went great. It was the best one I've been through yet. I saw many of you go through the lines at the cash wrap and use your coupons. I can't wait to hear about the new goodies you bought.

We will do the Boot Camp class I've been saving up. Its a good, tough workout. We might have to share part of the spin room with some leftover bikes from Deals on Wheels. But if worse comes to worst, I'll find a creative way to include bike moving into our workout. Just kidding. For all the new people I met and talked to this weekend at the sale, remember your bike, shoes, towel, and water bottles for class.

Wednesday 5:30 pm
Sunday 11:15 am

I am continuing to work on the April 5th Spin-A-Thon, Summer schedules for both the Beginners on Wednesday nights and the Intermediate/Advanced group, and a survey on SurveyMonkey. Don't be surprised if we spend a few of our last Sundays outside if the weather cooperates. I will send out an email with all the details if we do change it up.

I can't wait to see all your smiling faces in class.

Enjoy your week!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Time to Commit

First the schedule:
March 4 and 8-no class
March 11 and 15-Boot Camp
From here things should go back to normal

Second a recap of yesterday's amazing outdoor ride. We meet here at the store yesterday to a somewhat cloudy day. All 15 of us were so excited to be outside instead of stuck on a trainer. We rode through Cherry Creek State Park and racked up 21 miles over a few leisurely hours. We only had two minor mechanical problems that held us up for a little while. What a great way to end the weekend.

Its that time of year where races and events still have room for you to sign up and are generally $10 to $30 cheaper since you are signing up early. I would like to see each of you choose at least one event this summer. There are so many different kinds to choose from: bike rides, tri's, du's, and running. The best place to look for events is on or ask your girlfriends which races they have done and enjoyed.

Here's my input. Last year was my first year in triathlon. I did the Danskin, Tri for the Cure, My Way or The Tri Way, Dip and Dash, Rattlesnake, and I volunteered for the Du Wop (now being called the Colorado Wild Women Duathlon). All these races/events were so much fun. I learned how a event like this runs in addition to learning about myself as an athlete and a person.

The Venus de Miles ride is the only all women's ride in Colorado. If enough people committed, we could sign up as a team and ride together. Each person can choose which distance (35 miles, 50 miles, or 65 miles) to ride. Here's the info:

Date: August 30th
Starting Place: Prospect Park in Longmont
Benefactor: Greenhouse Scholarship Program
Cost: until 4/15 $68, 4/16 to 8/26 $79, day of $100

If I can get 20 women to commit to this ride, I will create a team and everyone can sign up on on their own. Deadline to commit is March 20th. After that date, I will set up our team. We can make this our big event of the year. (This could be the one event that you commit yourself to)

Speaking of events, I am working on this summer's ride schedule. I have the Beginner/Wednesday group all set up with mini clinics and short rides starting from Bicycle Village Aurora. There are a few chances to practice the bike to run transition for our triathletes.

For the Intermediate/Advanced group, I am in the process of planning a few trips to ride with our Saturday Group Ride at the Boulder store, going to see the colors change at the end of season near Vail, and organizing a weekend ride retreat with Patricia who has offered her cabin for use. More details to follow on all these activities.

So during your break from spin class, enjoy this nice weather by getting out on your bike.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's how the next few weeks look

Okay, just a quick update on the schedule for the next few classes:

Feb 25th
There will be class. Kyle will put in the sprinting video for you.

March 1st
I will be teaching a class where we will get a chance to practice many of the skills we have been working on: cadence, spin ups, climbing, sprints, etc.

March 4th
There will not be class due to preparing for the sale.

March 8th
There will not be class. I will be working the sale.

March 10th
The schedule should resume to normal. I've got a great boot camp workout that I have been saving for you.

I highly encourage all of you to try to get a ride in outside to enjoy these nice few days we are having. You will be able to feel like you've gained bike skills and fitness after all winter on the trainer. If you do go out, let me know how you're feeling and what areas you want to work on more.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boot Camp, Yoga, Deals on Wheels

I am so proud of everyone in this group; you are all getting so fit and your form on the bike looks better every class. The turnouts have been great for the classes and clinics. On Sunday, the class had 20 women and the Zoot Clinic had 10 women. We even enjoyed chunks of dark chocolate at our Healthy Snack Potluck.

Feb. 18 Wednesday 5:30 pm

Feb. 22 Sunday 11:15 am

This week is Boot Camp. I will mix in 5 strength exercises to give you ideas of what to include in your weight training sessions. A few of the suggested exercises were lunges, planks, Burpees (sp?), and supermans. While we are on the bike, we will do some jumps, intervals and practice riding out of the saddle. On Sunday after spin class, we can try another session of yoga. This session is about an hour long.

We, here at the store, are getting ready for our big Deals on Wheels sale March 7th and 8th. I hope all of you signed up for our preferred customer program (wink, wink). There are some good coupons that only preferred customers can get (wink, wink). The point of my story is that there will be a few dates that we will not have spin class. I am hoping these will be the only dates where things are different. Check your email for updates as the dates get closer. See the list below: February 25th: I will be working to get ready for our big sale. Kyle, one of our assistant managers, will be here to put in a video for you. I have four tapes to choose from: climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and one more that escapes my memory at the moment. March 4th and March 8th: This is the week of our sale and there will not bespin classes on these dates.

I will be putting together a survey on SurveyMonkey to ask for your feedback. I enjoy doing this but I want to continue learning how to make it better. Be on the look out for that near the end of our indoor spin classes. Thanks Janeen for the great resource!!

Speaking of our last spin class together, Pat Mayben (our events guy) and I are going to put together a day filled with spinning and chances to win great prizes. It will probably go something like this: on April 5th we will have access to the spin room from 11 am to 5 pm when the store closes. For every 15 minutes you ride, you earn one ticket to be put into a bucket when we give away those great prizes. Watch out for Alison; she is already gearing up for this event, I think she plans to ride from the minute the store opens until the managers lock the doors behind her. More details to come.

Enjoy your week!!


Preferred Customer Link: the click on the link with the picture of the Fun Guy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Post by Joe Friel

Friel is one of my favorite resources for multisport athletes. One of his latest posts talks about Basic Training Assumptions.

The web address is

There is so much great information here and its written so that anyone can read it and take away knowledge they can integrate into their own training.



Graphs, charts, wetsuits, and shoes

I am so happy that you learned so much during the fit clinic. Jerry and Michael have a wealth of knowledge to share with us, and they will gladly chat with you. And the spin classes were great too. The Wednesday group enjoyed a round of Knock-Knock Jokes, but the Sunday group made enough noise so that I had to stop telling jokes.

We have another LT Test coming up this week. I have the system set up to print out a report of your tests if you use our heart rate straps. This is a great way to measure your progress every 4th week when we do this drill. However, if you are not feeling it when you get to class I have an alternative workout that is geared toward continuing to build up your base.

For our last clinic, Holle from Zoot will come to give us an education about wetsuits and running shoes. She will be here Sunday (Feb. 15th) at 12:30 pm. I know many of you are tri -or duathletes, so we are branching out a little from bike gear. Please RSVP by Friday at 5pm for this clinic. I would like to give the Healthy Snack Potluck another try. You did so well at the last one, that I am excited to see what great snacks we bring this time.

I will be sending you a survey to get your feedback about spin classes, clinics, and other activities. I want to make it better for this summer and next year. I will take any feed back you offer, good or bad.

Ritz has asked me to distribute a flyer for a program that takes donations of prom dresses to sell to young girls who may not have the financial resources to buy a dress to attend their prom. Check your closets and see if you have anything they could use. The flier is attached and the same information is on our blog.

Don't forget to get a copy of The Keeper. It has many of the events that will take place here this summer. If you're still deciding on what ride, event, or race to do, this resource is a must have.



Monday, February 9, 2009

Dressed to the Nines

Hi Andrea
Could you forward to the ladies ride members?

Hallo, Ladies! This is Ritz. One of my friends Lisa (she is a pediatric doctor of the children's hospital) is planning to have a cool event for children with life threatening illness. Please see below. I am planning to help the event day (even if I am not a fashion queen!). If you are interested in joining the event, please contact to Lisa.
Lisa Reaves

Thank you!

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, March 14, 2009 in collaboration with Dependable Cleaners, we will be hosting Dressed to the Nines in Denver, a community service event to provide prom dresses for the young women of the Denver area. Dresses will be sold for a nominal fee with proceeds benefiting Rick Wilson Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at The Children's Hospital

We invite you to share in this event by donating any formal wear and/or accessories that would help to make a less fortunate young woman's prom night special. Additionally, we hope to obtain dresses that have remained within fashion during the last 3-5 years.
Please note-dresses that are not sold will be donated to Round Up River Ranch, and Camp Wapiyapi, camps for children with life threatening illnesses, to be used for dress up activities.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get Fitted for Endurance

Good morning,

Thank you for the great turn out this past week. You are all already so much faster after doing all those speed drills. The Yoga DVD was a good way to sneak in stretching and flexibility after a ride. Leslie gave us some additional pointers on our poses and stretches to work on at home.

This week will be run differently than we've done before. The Fit Clinic will start at 11:15 am and end by 12:30 pm. We will do spin from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm.

There is still room to RSVP for the Fit Clinic. Just send me an email. I will take them until Friday at 4 pm.

During spin class this week, we will work out building our endurance. This is important because it helps us out on those "all day rides" we are all looking forward to this summer.

Enjoy your week!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Specialized Websites

Here are the website we tried to look at during the Specialized Clinic.