Monday, August 3, 2009

Flat Tire Change Clinic


On Wednesday night the rain prevented us from riding but we made great use of the time. We did a worksheet designed to calculate how many grams of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates each individual should to eat in one day, looked at a sample menu, and got a few new recipes to try out. A few of the women who raced Tri for the Cure had a bunch of great questions about preparing for their tri.

Barbara, Robin, and I rode 40 miles on Sunday. We started at Challenger Park and went west on the 470 trail. We warmed up for cyclocross season a little because a giant tree had fallen in the middle of the trail near Chatfield. We got off our bikes and carried them around the debris. It was too hot to risk getting a flat tire. We climbed the hill to get to the top of the overlook and enjoyed the view of the boats before turning around. No matter how ready I think I am for that long, steady climb home, it manages to remind me just how important all those climbing drills are during spin classes.

As a side note, I rode with the Bicycle Village Aurora’s group ride. There were about 20 riders. We split up into two groups, both of which are no drop, and rode to Cherry Creek State Park. From here, I went with the faster group. We rode south to Parker and rode Inspiration Drive; there are three good hills out that direction. It’s a good way to get some climbing practice in before Venus de Miles.

This Week

We will revisit the how to change a tire clinic. This is something that takes practice and lots of it to get comfortable doing it. Think of where you get stuck or what part of the process that you want me to demonstrate in more detail. We will start at 6 pm and go riding at 6:30 pm. Whoever shows up will get to vote on which ride we take. All routes will be between 6-10 miles and are a no rider let behind ride.

Sunday we will keep our ride close to the store. We will meet at the store at 7:30 am and leave at 8 am. We will ride down to REI and back to the store before the path gets crowded. Then we can add on the long loop around Cherry Creek State Park. This is an easier ride. Not as many hills as we’ve been doing the rest of the summer. We’ll save our climbing legs for Venus.

2009 BVWO! Jersey Update

There are 18 women who bought jerseys and Bethany is working on getting the design and pricing set up. Below are the instructions. I will email you the amount of the check when she gets the numbers worked out.

Getting your jersey to the printer, your options are to bring it to a group ride and give it to myself, Bethany, or Dawn with your check to cover the printing cost. You must do this by August 12th.

Below are your drop off Options:

Bethany at Chase

14601 E. Colfax Avneue

Aurora, CO 80111

303-344-0292 work


Dawn at Affinity

64 Inverness Dr East

Englewood, CO 80102

303-728-7480 work direct line


Wednesday Group Ride August 12th

Sunday Group Rides

Andrea's Cell Phone



Venus Prep

I hope all of you have chosen a distance that you want to ride for the Venus de Miles. Your options are 30, 50, or 65. You should ride which ever distance you plan on doing the day of the event at least once before the actual ride. Concentrate on eating and hydrating regularly so that you will have an enjoyable ride. Remember, they do not time you, and no one wins first place. You should enjoy the ride and the rest stops. I talked to the women running the Venus booth at the Tri for the Cure Expo on Saturday and they said that the 30 was a nice scenic ride, while the other two have a few good hills. So be ready, cause we will look great in our team jerseys!!

I will post another sample menu on the blog. See the link below.

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