Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Back

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for all the emails that you sent me. It made things a little easier knowing that I had so many people supporting me and my family. Thank you!!

Okay, back to biking...

We will do a clinic on Wednesday night about Bike Jargon on July 1st. I am hoping this will help you to better understand bike lingo and be more confident when talking to bike people about bike stuff. Its a valuable tool especially when you are telling your bike mechanic what strange noises or problems your bike is having. If the afternoon thunder storms roll in, I can spend some time demonstrating how to clean your bike (this is the topic we skipped from last week). Then weather depending, we will go on the Highline Canal Trail. It will be the same route we did at the start of the summer (about 6-10 miles).

Our Intermediate/Advanced group will be guests of the Bicycle Village Boulder store on Saturday July 4th. We will meet at their store at 9 am and leave with their group at 9:30 am. The link below is a Google map of where the Boulder store is located. Please be there early enough to get signed in with both groups and have your bike ready to ride. I have a feeling we might be doing more hills, so be ready with a good night's rest and plenty of fuel. If you can, try to get one or two people to carpool with you. We can decide to continue our outing by going out to lunch or for an ice tea or lemonade afterward. 2100 28th StreetBoulder, CO 80301 (303) 440-8525

I have a Coffee Ride scheduled for July 5th. This is a recovery ride where we take it easy and focus on getting to know each other while recovering from the ride on Saturday. On Sunday morning, I would like to meet at 7:30 am and leave from the parking lot of the Aurora Bicycle Village at 8 am. The weather will be hot so we want to be done in time for a nice dip in the pool. Whoever shows up, gets to choose between REI and Cherry Creek State Park for our route. There are coffee stops near both of these routes. Bring cash for your favorite caffine boost.

My tip of the week is Positive Self Talk. I hear so many riders saying how they aren't very good cyclists. You'll be surprised how this will help if you self talk positively about your skills and abilities instead of bring yourself down. Yes, it will take you time to get better but enjoy the journey and remember that each step is about not only being a better cyclist, but also to learn about yourself as you embark on this amazing journey. So many good habits we learn and practice in our training translate into our family life, our careers, and our communities. So set a good example and talk up yourself and your fellow cyclists.

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