Friday, July 31, 2009

Nutrition Discussion

We had a great time even though the weather was a little dreary on Wednesday. We calculated our daily needs for fat, carbs, and proteins, and shared secrets on meal planning, self control around sweets, and improve our knowledge on shopping and reading nutrition labels.

I handed out a sample of what I eat for the week and I will try to post it on here every week to give you ideas about variety, planning, shopping and cooking.

Feel free to post your favorite tips and secrets too!!

Homemade Turkey Sausage
1 package ground turkey breast
1/2 package frozen onions
3 ribs celery chopped finely
1 piece of toast chopped into small pieces
Mrs. Dash

Mix all ingredients with hands in a large bowl
Portion out into 6 equal sized patties
Fry or grill the patties
Place each one in a sandwich bag

Black Bean Hummus
1 can black beans without salt drained
1/2 t minced garlic
2 T vegetable oil
1/3 cup prepared salsa (whatever you have in the fridge will work)
1/4 t salt
1T lemon or lime juice
2 T water
Cayenne Pepper

Use a food processor or blender to mix all ingredients
Enjoy with carrots, celery, or other dipable veggies

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