Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Downhill Side

We are nearing the end of indoor spinning for this season. Here is what the next few weeks look like:

Sundays 11:15 am
Wednesdays 5:30 pm

March 18th-Climb Higher Part I
We will be focusing on our climbing skills for the last few weeks. I noticed that this was where we all slowed down on our outdoor ride a few weeks ago. Let's be ready to attack all those hills that are coming up this summer.

March 22nd-Outside (weather permitting) This is just for you Cindy!!! If the weather is nasty we will repeat the climbing workout from Wednesday.

March 25th-Climb Higher Part 2
We will continue to practice climbing. Depending on how many people are in class, we might all be on a double riser block to simulate some steep hills. I know a few of you are getting ready for Elephant Rock. This is a very hilly course, let's make get in our practice rounds early.

March 29-Outside (weather permitting) If the weather is nasty we will repeat the climbing workout from Wednesday.

April 1st-Climb Higher Part 3
No fooling, this will be the toughest workout all year long. I wouldn't throw it your way if you couldn't handle it. You may not notice how much each of you has come this winter, but I get to see it every week. Keeping up the great work!!!

Our grand finale spin class will be held on April 5th. It's a test of your endurance, sheer will, and determination. For each 15-minute session you ride, you will earn 1 ticket into the drawing for all kinds of prizes. So bring your favorite snacks, energy drinks, and goodies in your cooler, your favorite lawn chair, and set your goal for how many tickets you want to earn. There is a flier attached with the rules (just for you Alison). You must RSVP!! I only have 25 trainers for this event. So send me your RSVP ASAP. See the flier for all the details.

I am in the second draft phase of getting things ready for the summer rides. I am so excited. Plan on mini clinics, field trips, bike-to-run transition practices, and so much more.

Feel free to write on the blog, post your favorite rides and find riding buddies.

Enjoy your week!!


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