Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Ride

I am so excited to begin our summer rides!!! The beginner group will start up June 3 (Wednesday); 6pm is our how to change a flat rear tire clinic. We will divide up the group into: I've never done this before, and I kind of get the concept but need a few tricks to make it easier. We will leave promptly at 6:30pm to ride. We are going to head out on the Highline Canal Trail. There is one major intersection to cross (Havana and Yale), but if stay together and practice good group ride etiquette, it will all be okay. I estimate we'll go out about 5 to 6 miles and then turn around and head back to the store. It'll be a flat easy ride to enjoy the evening. I ride my mountain bike for this ride and will be the caboose. Robyn will take up the lead.

The Int/Adv group will meet at 7:30 am at BV Aurora on Sunday June 7 (2802 S. Havana Street) and leave out of the parking lot at 8 am sharp. The store will not be open so please have all of those last minute adjustments done on Saturday; store hours are 9 am to 6 pm. We will head through Cherry Creek State Park, go out east on Orchard, do a pit stop at my house, go a little further east to Aurora Res, then turn around and come back. I estimate the mileage to be between 35-45 miles. Its a gently rolling hills course with even amounts of climbing and fast descending. I was out at the Aurora Res for a brick yesterday and its so green and lush. You've got to see how beautiful it is. I and nearly everyone else will be on road bikes for this ride. Our pace is 16-18 mph, so be ready push your limits just a little bit. Its still a no drop ride. I know a bunch of you will be riding at Elephant Rock. I want to wish you an enjoyable, safe ride on Sunday. I will attach the ride schedules again so that all of our new email subscribers can see what the summer holds.

I will provide you with my cell phone number as well as Robyn's. The purpose here is that if you get separated or lost on a ride you can call us to come find you. Please do not use these numbers to reach us anytime other than during group rides. You are welcome to call us at the store. We will try to do a good job of keeping the group together but its a just in case thing.
Andrea 303-903-3473
Robyn 303-520-6069
Aurora Bicycle Village 303-750-1064

If the weather looks to be disagreeable, I will send out an email letting you know I am canceling the ride. For Wednesdays, the weather cancel time will be no later than 4 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays no later than 6 am. I really encourage you to check your email before you leave the house for group rides to get the latest ride info and weather holdups.

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