Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

1. I want to say thank to those of you who did the Lactate Threshold Test on Sunday. Many of you used the Suunto Heart Rate System and now have your zones mapped out. This will provide you with a better focus for your upcoming training and riding sessions.

I would like to recognize Dawn Jenkins. She started with me in November and has not missed a spin class yet. She bettered her first test by 11 points!!! That is a huge gain of fitness from her dedication to cycling. Great job Dawn!!!

2. If you missed Sunday, you get another change to do the test. If you were here on Sunday, I have a climbing session for you to try out your new heart rate zones. Bring a copy of your zones to class with you every class so that you can stay on track with your training. I have a copy of my zones in a zip lock bag that I take with me.

5:30 pm
LT Test or Climbing Session

11:15 am
Simon Says.....

3. Jason from Specialized will be coming on January 25th at 12:30 pm to talk about their women's products. Please RSVP to me by the 23rd if you would like to attend.

4. Beth was only able to touch on a few questions at the clinic, so I will accept any heart rate monitor questions that you might not have gotten answered. One of your best resources for information is your owner's manual since each brand and model have different features. I will put the questions together in a word document and send it to everyone. Please send all questions to me by Wednesday January 21st. I will provide answers to them and share via email.

5. Yesterday I went on the Polar's website and learned how to use their personal trainer. It took me about 30 minutes to enter in my information, choose a goal, set a start date, and choose a training program. They offer running, cycling, hiking, and multisport program options. IT was pretty easy to learn how to use the program. It provides workouts, times, and tells you how hard you need to work that day. Best of all its free to use!!! I have pasted the website below.

This is one option to record and track your workouts. But its not the only way. Some other options include a pen and paper notebook diary, a binder with template you created or found, a homemade excel spread sheet (that's my choice), Training Peaks, Polar Personal Trainer, and many other online based programs. You should choose the one that fits you.

For example, I am very comfortable with excel and have a husband who can help me make the program do all kinds of neat tricks. So I have created a way to track my workouts on excel.

Enjoy your week!!


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