Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speed Drills and Yoga Poses

I hope the Boot Camp Style classes gave you some ideas about how to improve and maintain your strength off the bike. I want to thank those of you who participated in the healthily snack pot luck. Sara gave me the muffin recipe and its posted on our blog. I am glad you asked all those great questions at the Specialized Clinic. There is so much research and data put into their products that no matter how many times I listen, I still learn something new every time.

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This week we will be working on speed drills during class. I have the yoga video and will preview it this week for our post spin class yoga session. This is another very important part of fitness: flexibility. Strength and flexibility are important to speed, endurance, injury prevention, and comfort on a bike or in triathlon. The Yoga part is optional. We'll see what we think of the session and go from there.

January 28
5:30 pm
Speed Based Spin Class

February 1
11:15 am
Spin Class

12:30/12:45 pm ish
Yoga DVD

I ordered some pre-mixed, tempo based music for spin class. It should be here next week. We will have three full length disc and I will spare you my unique mixes at least most of the times.

Up Coming Events
Fit Clinic
If you are interested in attending the Fit Clinic, please RSVP to me with an email. This clinic will give away 4 free bike fits. Two free fits will be done during the clinic to demonstrate and explain what the fitters are doing. Two additional fits will be given away at the end of the clinic.

The time is different for this day only
February 8
Fit Clinic starts at 11:15 am before we do spin class
Spin class will start after the clinic.

Zoot Clinic
Would anyone be interested in attending a clinic given by the Zoot rep? I was thinking of asking her to talk about wetsuits and running shoes. Please let me know what you think about that idea. I have a tentative date set for February 15th.

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Enjoy your week and stay warm!!


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fit clinic - yep
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